Routing in Node.js

What is Routing?
Routing defines the way in which the client or front-end requests are handled by the application endpoints ( Server SIde ).Routing in Node.js

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Implementation of routing in Node.js: There are two ways to implement routing in node.js which are listed below:

  • Framework
  • No Framework

But We will use Normal Routing in Nodejs . Which will be used for CRUD Operation.

Now the below routing is used for CRUD REST API . Get the Full Project Downlead the CRUD in MERN

const express = require('express');
const router = express.Router();

const employeeController = require('../controllers/employee.controller');

// get all employees
router.get('/', employeeController.getEmployeeList);

// get employee by ID

// get Detail by name 

// create new employee'/', employeeController.createNewEmployee);

// update employee
router.put('/:id', employeeController.updateEmployee);

// delete employee

module.exports = router;

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