Top 300 React Interview Questions and Answers

Here you will find more than 300 Question and their answers for ReactJS (Including Javascript). All questions are submitted by Candidates who appeared in interviews in 2024.Top 300 React Interview Questions and Answers.

1) What is Reactjs, Is it a programming language?

React is an open-source front-end JavaScript library to build composable user interfaces, especially for single-page applications. React is developed by Facebook. React is not a programming language.

2) Does React use HTML?

No, It uses JSX, which is similar to HTML.JSX is the same as HTML but it uses some different tags so you don’t have to worry about JSX it is easy to learn.

3) In which year React released?

React was first released in March 2013 by Facebook developers.

4) What are the drawbacks of React Js

1 ) View-orientedness is one of the cons of ReactJS. 2 ) Lots of developers dislike JSX React’s documentation, and manuals are difficult for newcomers to understand.

5) Differences between Real DOM and Virtual DOM

Real DOMVirtual DOM
It takes too much time.It updates faster as compared to Real DOM.
It allows a direct update from HTML.Virtaul DOM can not update HTML directly.
It wastes too much memory.Memory consumption is very less as compared to Real DOM

6) What are the major features of React?

  • React uses JSX syntax, a syntax extension of JS that helps coders write their HTML code in JS.
  • It uses Virtual DOM instead of Real DOM considering that Real DOM manipulations are very expensive and time-consuming.
  • React supports SSR which is very useful for (SEO).
  • Reacts supports one-way data flow.
  • Reacts uses reusable UI components to develop the view for the App.

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